Newsletter – July 2015

Newsletter – July 2015



This is True Grit Training’s First Monthly Newsletter.


Thank you for signing up to receive our newsletter. We will be issuing a new edition ever month comprising of news, updates and regular articles. As you can see we are on the look out for our ‘Trainer of the Month Award’ with the inaugural title going to Mart Statham! Well Done!

We will be having regular articles for you to make use of such as our monthly training tip and meal idea, as well as monthly PT offers and much more….

Few other news updates;

  • Slight timetable change; Saturdays will now be one mixed class starting at 11am. This will start from 4th July.
  • Successful start to our new Sunday 10am mixed class. Keep your training going throughout the week with True Grit Training!


Trainer Of The Month!

Mark Statham


New to True Grit during June, Mark is 48 and is smashing his work outs like he is just 18!

He has seen great results, with almost 1/2 stone lost already!

Mark is enjoying his training as is always keen to find out more, asking lots of questions and forever trying to better himself!

Keep up the good work!


Monthly Food Tip


One of the realities of dieting is that if you cut out to many calories, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy resulting in a reduction in fat burning!

Metabolism is the term used for all chemical reactions involved within our bodies.

Boost your metabolism to increase fat burning!

  • Nutritional Breakfast to wake up your metabolism (Why not try Oatmeal/ Almonds/ Berries or a Spinach & Feta Omelette with a slice of whole-grain toast)
  • Drink Green Tea & keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water
  • Take a Omega 3 Supplements or eat some Omega 3 rich Fish such as Salmon, Herring & Tuna
  • Include Paprika & Chilli in your diet


Monthly Training Tip


Want to increase your muscle mass?

One method used a lot by body builders is Hypertrophy exercise.

Firstly, work out your one repetition personal best on compound exercises such as Dead Lifts, Squats and Bench Press.

Once you have this, calculate what 75% of your one repetition max weight is for each exercise, then aim to carry out 3 – 4 sets of 8 – 15 repetitions at this calculated weight.

This method can also be used as an isolated exercise.

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