Coronavirus (CV-19 policy)

True Grit Training

To our TGT Family,

You’re all probably feeling numb and a bit weird. Yesterday (19thMarch) we put 2 timetables together one for if we stay open and one for if we shut.The community element of the gym is the one thing we cherish more than anything and we are calling on all you guys 1100+ of you to help keep everyone’s head up and stay positive . We do not want anyone falling at the side or struggling👍Mental health is so important to us. But, we have to shut as we can’t go against the Government recommendations to keeping us all as safe as possible because it is morally wrong and irresponsible😭.

The gym will shut from the 20thMarch, but that doesn’t mean your community is closed. We have an emergency timetable ready and lots of online cool stuff. All live classes will be via the-True Grit Training Members Page. Please see our current online schedule below. There will also be additional videos, tips, chats etc.

If you are not on Facebook-we recommend creating a temporary Facebook profile, so that you can be part of the community during this time. The gym will be closed, locked down, no entrance permitted until further notice with extra security measures taken. If you PT with our trainers and can afford to pay them up for a few for when the gym returns I’m sure that’d help them more than you can imagine and I’m sure you’ll get much more than you actually pay for❤️

We are hopeful of getting through this and as a thank you for you guys supporting us we are offering our next programme which was due to be advertised Sunday 22nd March costing £150, physique/fat loss and strength gains……for free, to say thank you. We cannot charge any of you guys who have always looked after us and hopefully help us stay open❤️Any questions please email (bare with our responses as we will be checking emails now and then)

Any other business owners looking for a bit of advice, don’t hesitate to contact me. Positivity is the aim of the game everybody does their best to support others and cross fingers no body in our community gets affected🤞

See you soon, and Stay safe.

Tom (TGT Director)