Vicky Dale
Personal Trainer/Spin Instructor


  • Level 2 Certificate in fitness instruction
  • Level 3 Certificate in personal training
  • Level 4 Certificate in BACPR (cardiac rehabilitation)
  • Certificate in Box England
  • YMCA exercise to music
  • Enhanced DBS Check
  • First Aid at work

What inspired you to be a Personal Trainer?

Growing up I experienced a lot of horrible comments about my appearance, although I have always loved sport and taken part I still didn’t have that “perfect” image that so many others did! I used my not so nice school experiences and turned them into a positive to help myself firstly then into helping others where I could.

I now have a real passion for fitness, classes and PT. It can be the most rewarding thing ever to help people reach their own goals, whatever they maybe!

What can I do for you/classes you teach?

I will work as hard as you do to reach your own personal goals and we can strive to reach them together as a team!
I currently teach HIIT Box and Spin at TGT.

What is your favourite type of Training session?

This one is easy for me Boxing is by far my favourite type of training followed by playing sports that I am interested in, when you do something you love it’s not even training it’s just fun! 😉

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Horses or 1 Horse sized duck?

I would rather fight 100 duck sized horses as the sight of that would be highly amusing 🤣🤣

Contact Details:


Find me on FB as: Vicky Emma